Highest grossing malayalam movies

Mamangam - Mammootty UNDA 8. Achuthan B. June - HIT 8. Madhura Raja - HIT Jallikkattu - HIT Aadya Rathri - HIT Android Kunjappan - HIT Helen - HIT Lucifer 2. Mamangam 3. Bigil 4. Madhura Raja 5. Avengers: End Game 6. Kaappaan 7. Oru Yamandan Premakadha 8. Love Action Drama 9. Virus HEAVY 4 2. GOOD 4 5. LOW 10 A young engineering student dreams of becoming a chef, much to the dismay of his family.

Votes: Rating - 3. The story revolves around 6 music enthusiastic children from a village who group themselves to form a music band. After being separated for a couple of years while pursuing their graduation they reunite at the same college. Director: A. Votes: 9.Not Rated min Action.

highest grossing malayalam movies

When a small village near a forest is under the threat of man eating tigers and a drug mafia, the villagers seek the help of an unstoppable force, a hunter invincible. Votes: 6, Not Rated min Action, Crime, Drama. A political Godfather, who ruled the God's Own Country, dies and a lot of thieves dressed up as politicians took over the rule.

When question arises on the replacement of the 'God', just one name emerges; 'Stephen Nedumbally'. Not Rated min Crime, Drama, Thriller. A man goes to extreme lengths to save his family from punishment after the family commits an accidental crime. Votes: 28, Dreaded by the rich and corrupt and revered by the poor and downtrodden, Kayamkulam Kochunni was a Robin Hood of sorts. Chronicles the life and times of the legendary 19th century highwayman, and how he rose from his humble beginnings.

Votes: 1, A young man has three opportunities to find love. Will the third time be the charm? Krishna Shankar. Not Rated min Action, Crime, Thriller. Votes: 3, Not Rated min Action, Drama, Fantasy.

The story of the Odiyan clan, one of the most dreaded, shape-shifting black magicians in the world which ruled the darkness of night through during the pre-electrification era in Kerala. Director: V.With one of the best actors, directors and writers, it was clear that Mollywood was going to outstrip Bollywood and other mainstream entertainment industries because of its consistently exceptional content.

But, apart from critics approval, Malayalam movies have found acceptance with a wide range of audience which has resulted in steadily increasing returns at the box office. It starred Mohanlal as Stephen, who is invited to take the lead position of a ruling party after his father dies. The movie grossed 50 crores within four days of its release and at the 21 st day of its theatrical run.

It was the first Malayalam movie to cross 50 crores in the international market, and is the highest grossing Malayalam movie ever. In total, it made a hefty crores at the box office.

A sequel, L2: Empuraanwhich will bring the key actors back on the screen is set to begin shooting at the latter half of and release the next year. Pulimurugan was the story of Murugan played by Mohanlal who helps the residents of Puliyoor village by using his tools to fend off attacks by Tigers from the wilderness.

Daddy Jagapati Babu a drug dealer, falsely implicates him in an attack. Directed by Vysakh, and boasting a critically acclaimed score by Gopi Sundar, the movie was immensely popular with the audiences. It grossed crores at the box office and made a record of the highest opening weekend for an Indian movie in the UAE, by collecting Directed by Rosshan Andrews, Kayamkulam Kochunni was the story of the titular character, played by Nivin Paulywho decides to steal from the rich and give the products to the poor and the lower caste that reside in the community, thus becoming a Robin Hood hero to them.

Mohanlal also had a cameo role in the movie. It made 72 crores worldwide, which was a surprising success for a Malayalam movie during that time period. The story of a man who must find his true love connected with the audiences and resulted in a very surprising Box office haul of 63 crores, which is very rare for a romantic movie in a language not spoken by the majority of the population.

Directed by Priyadarshan, and box office attraction, Mohanlal, Kanupapa was an intense thriller in which a blind man tries to save a young girl from the clutches of a psychopathic serial killer. Odiyan, directed by V. Shrikumar narrated the tale about the Odiyan clan, who reside in Kerala and have the ability to transform themselves into animals. The real life story, based on Kanchanamala and B.

P Moideen, starring Parvathy Thiruvothu and Prithviraj Sukumaran tugged at the heart of the audience and was able to make 52 crores at the Box office. P Moideen was a film producer and politician from Kerala, and his popularity certainly helped the movie rake in the numbers. Sathyan Anthikad directed this movie about a lazy man who plots a scam to find a luxurious life to live. National Award winner, Fahadh Faasil played the lead, and his charism, mixed with the light tone of the movie, made it possible for it to gross It made a respectable It received critical acclaim for its screenplay and performances, and made 49 crores at the box office.

A tale of three cousins, directed by Anjali Menon, and starring Nazriya Nazim, Nivin Pauly, Dulquer SalmaanFahadh Faasil, Bangalore Days was a triumph among the critics and audiences, and strong word of mouth caused the comedy drama to make 45 crores worldwide.Films generate income from several revenue streams, including theatrical exhibitionhome videotelevision broadcast rightsand merchandising. However, theatrical box office earnings are the primary metric for trade publications in assessing the success of a film, mostly because of the availability of the data compared to sales figures for home video and broadcast rights, but also because of historical practice.

Included on the list are charts of the top box office earners ranked by both the nominal and real value of their revenuea chart of high-grossing films by calendar year, a timeline showing the transition of the highest-grossing film record, and a chart of the highest-grossing film franchises and series.

highest grossing malayalam movies

All charts are ranked by international theatrical box office performance where possible, excluding income derived from home video, broadcasting rights, and merchandise. Traditionally, war filmsmusicalsand historical dramas have been the most popular genres, but franchise films have been among the best performers in the 21st century. There is strong interest in the superhero genrewith nine films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring among the nominal top-earners.

The most successful superhero film, Avengers: Endgameis also the highest-grossing film overall on the nominal earnings chart, and there are four films in total based on the Avengers comic books charting in the top twenty. Star Wars is also represented in the nominal earnings chart with five films, while the Harry PotterJurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises feature prominently.

Avatarin second place on the nominal chart, is the highest-grossing film that is not a sequel or an adaptation of a pre-existing property. Animated family films have performed consistently well, with Disney films enjoying lucrative re-releases prior to the home-video era. Disney also enjoyed later success with films such as Frozen I and IIZootopiaand The Lion King with its computer-animated remake as the highest-grossing animated filmas well as its Pixar brand, of which Incredibles 2Toy Story 3 and 4and Finding Dory have been the best performers.

While inflation has eroded away the achievements of most films from the s and s, there are franchises originating from that period that are still active. Besides the Star Wars and Superman franchises, James Bond and Star Trek films are still being released periodically; all four are among the highest-grossing franchises. Some of the older films that held the record of highest-grossing film still have respectable grosses by today's standards, but no longer compete numerically against today's top-earners in an era of much higher individual ticket prices.

When adjusted for inflation, however, on that comparative scale Gone with the Wind —which was the highest-grossing film outright for twenty-five years—is still the highest-grossing film of all time. All grosses on the list are expressed in U. Once revenue from home entertainment is factored in it is not immediately clear which film is the most successful.

When a film is highly exploitable as a commercial property, its ancillary revenues can dwarf its income from direct film sales.

On this chart, films are ranked by the revenues from theatrical exhibition at their nominal value, along with the highest positions they attained. All of the films have had a theatrical run including re-releases in the 21st century, and films that have not played during this period do not appear on the chart because of ticket-price inflation, population size and ticket purchasing trends not being considered. F Box Office Mojo stopped updating its main total for Frozen in Augustwhile it was still in release.

The total listed here incorporates subsequent earnings in Japan, Nigeria, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany up to the end of but omits earnings in Turkey, Iceland, Brazil, and Australia which amount to a few hundred thousand dollars.

F8 In the case of The Fate of the Furious the gross is from an archived version of Box Office Mojo, after irregularities were discovered in the current figure. Ongoing weekly drops in the totals for several countries—Argentina being the worst affected—led to a drop in the overall worldwide total.

PS The figure given for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the initial box office gross, which in was the second highest ever, after Titanic.

highest grossing malayalam movies

The Jurassic Park figure given is higher than that of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stoneas it includes proceeds from the 3-D re-release. Because of the long-term effects of inflationnotably the significant increase of movie theater ticket prices, the list unadjusted for inflation gives far more weight to later films.

Another complication is release in multiple formats for which different ticket prices are charged. The measuring system for gauging a film's success is based on unadjusted grosses, mainly because historically this is the way it has always been done because of the practices of the film industry: the box office receipts are compiled by theaters and relayed to the distributor, which in turn releases them to the media.Highest grossing Malayalam movie in each year, Yearly Top grossing Malayalam movie.

Highest grossing Malayalam movie by year. Mohanlal's movies are most occurred closely followed by those of Mammootty.

The list proves that mostly the box office performance has more to do with star-power than the quality of movie. Not Rated min Action, Crime, Drama. A political Godfather, who ruled the God's Own Country, dies and a lot of thieves dressed up as politicians took over the rule. When question arises on the replacement of the 'God', just one name emerges; 'Stephen Nedumbally'. Votes: 6, Dreaded by the rich and corrupt and revered by the poor and downtrodden, Kayamkulam Kochunni was a Robin Hood of sorts.

Chronicles the life and times of the legendary 19th century highwayman, and how he rose from his humble beginnings. Votes: 1, This onscreen adaptation of the story 'Pranayopanishad' The Upanishad of Love follows Ulahannan, a middle aged government servant, through his emotional journey of misconceptions and love.

Votes: 2, Not Rated min Action. When a small village near a forest is under the threat of man eating tigers and a drug mafia, the villagers seek the help of an unstoppable force, a hunter invincible. A young man has three opportunities to find love. Will the third time be the charm? Krishna Shankar. Not Rated min Crime, Drama, Thriller. A man goes to extreme lengths to save his family from punishment after the family commits an accidental crime. Votes: 28, Balakrishnan is cheated by his girlfriend, in order to make the family happy, he hires a girl, Mayamohini and pretends to be in love.

Things take a turn when they realize that Mayamohini is a man.


Votes: Action, Comedy, Drama. Christy Mohan Lal is framed for killing the kidnapper of the home minister's daughter while trying to save her and now he has to prove his innocence to his father. Madhavan Nair unknowingly kills a teenager. Raja, his eldest son, takes the blame and is sentenced to jail for five years.Famous Shooting Locations for Malayalam Movies.

Every film industry is growing day by day and the cost of production increased. Only few films get good responses from Box office nowadays.

Here, topmovierankings. Before the overseas release the movie has grossed 50 crores in just 14 days from India alone.

Mohanlal starrer Lucifer, which also marked the directorial debut of Prithviraj Sukumaran, has got a thunderstorm opening at the box office worldwide and collected more than Crores within 8 days of theatrical run. Hope the movie will break all the records created by Pulimurugan.

highest grossing malayalam movies

The presence of Mohanlal in it, obviously, boosted the box office performance of the movie. The movie has crossed gross collection of Drishyam and became the third highest grosser.

Mohanlal starred Drishyam had broken all Malayalam box office records by collecting a staggering 60 crores from theaters and satellite rights. It was produced with a low cost of 4 crores and successfully completed over 20, shows only in kerala. The film went on to run over days in many theaters and earned highest profit margin among all Malayalam films ever produced. It became the fastest to do so by Oct 15, From the middle east itself the movie has collected 8.

The eternal love story of Kanchanamala and Moideen Prithviraj was well recieved by audience and it collected over 35 Crore till now. Film has a budget of 13 Crore and the shooting was continued for days. After 73 days of running it collected over 55 Crores world wide. Alphonse Puthren directed Premam has taken the Kerala boxoffice by storm. Shows in many centers has been increased due to audience demands. It has broken first week boxoffice collection records of Banglore days by a huge margin.

Premam crossed 20 Crore mark in its 14th day. It became the fastest Malayalam film to cross 20 crore mark in fewer days. Another film from has made into top list of highest grossing Malayalam movie of all time, Two countries.

It was directed by Shafi and produced by M Renjith. Though it was released along with Dulquer Salman movie Charlie, the film got huge family audience from first day itself.

List of highest-grossing Indian films

It collected 10 Crores in the second week itself. After its final run the film collected over 55 Crores from the Boxoffice. Odiyan stills holds the record for the highest opening day gross collections, thanks to the enormous pre-release hype.

Still the movie managed to collect more than 50 Crores from the box office.This is a ranking of the highest grossing Indian films which includes films from various languages based on the conservative global box office estimates as reported by reputable sources.

There is no official tracking of domestic box office figures within India, and Indian sites publishing data are frequently pressured to increase their domestic box office estimates. Indian films have been screened in markets around the world since the early 20th century. The majority of highest-grossing Indian films are Bollywood Hindi films. The following list shows India's top 25 highest-grossing films, which include films from all the Indian languages. The figures are not adjusted for inflation.

The following list of films is sorted in terms of Indian rupees. Currency conversions to US dollars are also given as reference points, but may not be consistent, as the dollar-rupee exchange rate has varied over time, [6] from 48 rupees per dollar in [7] to over 65 rupees per dollar in Bengali cinema was the center of Indian cinema in the s, [48] and accounted for a quarter of India's film output in the s.

Assamese cinema is based in the state of Assam and produces films in Assamese language. Bengali cinema is the Bengali language film industry centered in the Tollygunge neighborhood of KolkataWest Bengal. It has been known by the nickname Tollywood, a portmanteau of the words Tollygunge and Hollywoodsince The Bhojpuri cinema produces films in the Bhojpuri language.

It caters to an audience from eastern Uttar Pradesh, western Bihar and Nepal. The Gujarati cinema produces films in Gujarati language and is primarily focused on the audience in Gujarat and Mumbai. The film industry is sometimes referred to as Dhollywood or Gollywood. The Hindi language film industry, based in MumbaiIndia, is frequently known as Bollywood. Bengaluru is the center for the Kannada cinemafilms produced in the Kannada language. It is sometimes known by the nickname "Sandalwood".

Malayalam cinema is a part of Indian cinema based in Kerala dedicated to the production of motion pictures in the Malayalam language. It is sometimes known by the nickname "Mollywood" by certain media outlets. These are the top 10 highest grossing Malayalam films. The Marathi cinema industry produces films in the Marathi language and is based in the state of MaharashtraIndia. India's first full-length film, Raja Harishchandrawas released in in Marathi.

Odia cinema is primarily based in Odisha state producing movies mainly in the Odia language and a few movies in Sambalpuri language. The first Odia movie was Sita Vivaha which was released in Punjabi cinemaproducing films in the Punjabi languageis primarily based in the state of Punjab. Tamil cinemathe Tamil language film industry is based in the Kodambakkam neighbourhood of ChennaiTamil NaduIndia. It is sometimes colloquially known as "Kollywood", a portmanteau of Kodambakkam and Hollywood.

Telugu cinemaalso known by its nickname "Tollywood" is a part of Indian cinema producing films in the Telugu languagein the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is centered in the Hyderabad neighbourhood of Film Nagar.

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